Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Sino-Russian Relations in the prism of Security

Shanghai Cooperation Organization


  • Sanaullah
  • Nelofer Ihsan


The Paper focuses the security aspect of SCO and elaborates the Sino-Russian relations with special
reference to security interests in Central Asia. It also highlights mutual relations in the post-cold war
and post 9/11 that brought both States close to each other on their commonality of respective interests
in the region. It will explain the two major and dominant actors of SCO who developed their relations
in the context of regional organization. Furthermore, it tells about the dominant issue of the region
with special reference to counter terrorism, its evolution, developments and consequences. To counter
terrorism in the region SCO states adopted multiple strategies for example, military exercises,
confidence building measures among the member states, arm trade and reducing game between the
East and West of Central Asian republics. The last part of this chapter consists of the Chinese
political and military interests in the region of CARS for which the SCO has been organized and