About Journal:

Journal of International Research & Development is working under the Professional Skill Recognition Board, with an exclusive focus on the professional development of Pakistani Professionals who are currently engaged in various industries like Medicine, Education, Engineering, Management, and Security.

Unlike conventional academic journals, JIRD is multidisciplinary and entertains the applied research of professionals in the form of action research.


Who Can Submit Research work?

Unlike academic research, the main aim of this research journal is to provide a window into the research work of professionals and what they have encountered in their real-life job in a company or institution. This approach is nonconventional and is an easy platform for the development of professionals. It is diverse in the sense that a Pakistani professional in USA, KSA, or UAE can find the gap or problem in his existing work, write a research article on it to settle the problem, and in the future this research is generalized to the same institutions inside Pakistan and get the solution to the multi-pronged problems or gaps.

Publication Fee: No publication fee other than printing, publishing, and online expenses on the website of the journal is charged.

Moreover, the research work of PDRi graduates shall be published free of cost provided that the research work meets the standards of the journal.

Benefits of Publication: 

* Showing the competence of the candidate in his area of publication

* Can be mentioned on CV and other Credentials Like Visiting Card

* More Jobs opportunities and an increase in the salary package

* Way forward for Policy Makers