The Role of Electronic Media in Shaping Politics in Pakistan Analysing Geo News Since 2018

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Fakhr ul Munir
Muhammad Aziz


Digital media is the most essential platform for spreading different ideas and raising political
consciousness, so influencing political opinion, and bringing awareness about change in
Pakistan's political system. The study aims to see how people are influenced by political discussion
programs regarding national concerns. Talk show audiences have a significant influence on the
Masses and have played a significant part in raising political consciousness. In prime periods, most
individuals show a strong interest and spend much time viewing talk shows. The primary goal was to
determine how digital media influenced political opinion and mobilization in Pakistan. The goal was
also to assess how talk shows affected political perception on various subjects. The current study's
findings were based on a survey approach done with Pakistan residents of various ages, genders,
education levels, and professions. Talk shows help people understand political concerns, and they are
the best good source of information. Electronic media plays a major role in controlling the mindset of
any society. To be sure that the media has a huge impact on society.

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